Our Team

Dilip Kumar Agarwala
Dilip Kumar Agarwala is a young and visionary entrepreneur in Bangladesh as well as Managing Director of Diamond World Ltd. His vision is not to make money but to create opportunity for the people and to bring glory for the country as well as to create global market with mutual understanding. Now his prime mission is to create a society without poverty, superstition and injustice.
Sabita Agarwala
Vice Chairman
Mrs. Agarwala is similarly significant as a social reformer in his country. As a vital part of social responsibility she has established a foundation namely Tara Devi Foundation. The foundation is offering free ambulance service especially for the pregnant mothers, free education with stipend, and midday meal for the poor students, old home, agricultural supports etc.
Amio Kumar Agarwala
Amio Kumar Agarwala who was a student of Koln University. After completing his higher education from Germany Mr. Amio Kumar returned in Bangladesh and ran his own business. is a relentless worker and knows that time is money. He is involved in Pharmaceuticals, Agro, Media, Fashion & Lifestyle, Gold Banking and Constructions business.