Who We Are

Tara Devi Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization based in Bangladesh. We are a non-governmental and non-political organization dedicated to the improvement of quality of life among the less privileged of Bangladesh and abroad.

Our Projects

Our Programs






Led by our indomitable Chairman, Mr. Dilip Kumar Agarwala, Tara Devi Foundation aims to help children and people alike enjoy a better life. Our approach to charity can be summarized under the following headings.

  • Mother and Child
  • Education
  • Social Development
  • Relief Programs
  • Environment Protection

Take a look at what we provide in detail below.


The bond between a mother and child is one of the most sacred and revered relationships in the world. Tara Devi Foundation works to help mothers take proper care of their children. We support programs on the healthcare of mothers and children where we teach mothers about the importance of nutrition among other things. Eye checkups, eye treatments and vaccination drives are also held frequently. We also provide community training on how to maintain the health of mothers and their children. Tara Devi Foundation offers free medical services under the child healthcare and maternity categories as well.


At Tara Devi Foundation, we believe that proper access to education is vital to having a successful life. To ensure that everyone has the best chances of having a good life, we undertake several education programs. We have programs in place to provide education at a formal and a non-formal level in rural as well as urban areas. There are also plans in place to establish libraries and study centers to encourage the society to pursue reading. We also distribute books to schools and other education institutions.


There are several programs that Tara Devi Foundation is working on with the aim of helping the society develop and become better. There are programs to create awareness among the public about the sciences, arts and literature. We are planning programs for research on relics, archeology and history. We will also be establishing training centers for the development of the small cottage industry to increase employment opportunities.


Tara Devi Foundation understands that not everyone is fortunate. As such, we have programs in place to provide relief as and when required. You can find us working among the neglected and the unfortunate when any calamity strikes be it storms, cyclones or earthquakes.


It has become more important than ever to protect our environment. That is why Tara Devi Foundation is working to develop programs which can tackle environmental pollution. We are also interested in launching programs for sustainable development and improve the pure water levels available.
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